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It will take you on average 30 plus driving hours. 2400 miles. 30 driving hours plus 16 resting hours minimum for one driver, and 12 hours for two.

Depending on your driving habits, average speed 70mph when you are not within most city limits.

Going with the flow of traffic safely about 75mph at times. Remember it is only a myth that you are allowed to go 5mph over the speed limit legally.

All speed limits are posted at maximum, and you can only legally go 10mph under the posted speed limit before being cited, so you want to take that into consideration when driving through states with out of town license plates.

You don't want to have to cut your trip short to appear in a out of state traffic court. Points are points on your license no matter where you were cited.

The northern route in the summer. The southern route in the winter.

Remember if it's rainy here (winter time) it's snowing almost all the way on 80 east. Road closure.

If it's hot here (summer time) it's extremely hot 10 east. Over heating desert heat.

Either way add a little more time and you will have a unforgettable round trip.